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A Company That Really Cares.

Before we talk business, let's get to know each other a bit.


Rochester Home Management was founded in 2009.
We started off with a few of our own properties and rapidly grew into what we are today, a major Management company
in the Rochester NY area. We serve both Local Home owners,
& Foreign Real Estate investors.

Our great reputation is linked directly to our extensive
experience with Investment Properties located in Rochester,
and due to the fact that WE REALLY CARE !

This makes us work that much harder for our clients.

​At RHM we make it our business to maintain personal
relationships with city inspectors, Insurance agents and City
Hall personal. Our hands on approach and
in-depth knowledge of the Rochester city code, ensures that our clients are looked after and receive the kind of detailed management that every property owner deserves.

Our office at 375 Glen Allyn way, Rochester, NY 14614

The Perfect Size For You!

Managing  a wide range of properties, requires the kind of tools only a stable, experienced company can provide. 

At the same time, if a company is too large, you may just become lost in the shuffle - and worse, your properties
may go overlooked.


At Rochester Home Management we provide both.
A stable and very expirianced company, yet...

Our professional staff share a common commitment:
to provide all of our owners and tenants with the highest
level of service available in the Rochester marketplace.
And we monitor our properties closely. Every single One.

To learn about how we do this, Read about our Risk Dep.

We use the most advanced Property Management Software

in the market, allowing our clients full and easy access to their info 24/7
The software provides clear & detailed statements, complete transparency of billing, full owner notifications and fulltime access to personal owner portals.


We can’t wait to show you the many ways our services
will help make your investment work better for you!

Our moto consists of one word - "Integrity.
Clients are treated with honesty and our business is run with transparency. Your best interests are always on our mind!


People ask me what our secret is.

I guess the answer is - a happy you!

Simon  - Manager

To speak with us

or call:

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