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Our Dedicated Staff


Our team is always there to meet all your property management needs. And while any company can make that claim, just a few moments spent with the members of our dedicated team will prove that we really mean what we say.


Meet Simon - Gen Manager

Simon is our office manager. Incredible at maintaining the focus on the big picture necessary in any property management job.
He coordinates all the various departments within the company to ensure they are all working in unison. Just remember this - Simon's cell phone number is the only piece of info you'll ever need! 

Meet Shelly - Office Admin

Shelly is our office administrator. She keeps everything organized and on track. She is the go-to-gal for all those little things that no one person – except Shelly (of course) – could ever manage on their own.

Meet Abe - Leasing

Abe is our leasing department manager. His job is to ensure that your property continues to generate income & maintain profitability. From screening our prospects to choosing the best of the bunch, Abe is all about helping our owners receive the maximum they can get.

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Meet Don - Maintenance

Don is our maintenance department manager. He oversees a variety of sub  contractors & professionals,  and  determines  estimates, prices, job specifics, and progress, ensuring the job gets done on time, at high quality, and at the best price possible.

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Meet Jake - Collection

Jake is our collection department manager. As every owner knows, collecting rent is the key to a successful investment. Rents that get paid, translate into properties that earn.
With Jake's "firm yet pleasant" approach, our tenants feel obligated to own up to their responsibilities.

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Meet Lisa - Risk Dep.

Our risk department is for lack of a better word - revolutionary. Lisa, our extremely competent risk department manager, enables us to foresee all those little troublesome situations that might arise - and to catch them before they do.

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Our entire team works hard to ensure that Rochester Home Management excels in every area of property management that you - our client might need. We look forward to serving you in the best way possible!!

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