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Here at Rochester Home Management, we understand that proper management of rental property entails a variety of different skill sets. The average property manager often mixes them all into one large department.
We on the other hand....

Collection Department

Collection Department


Our collection department is responsible for ensuring that tenant rental payments are made on time, and takes the necessary measures when they are not.

The bigest challenge facing our team is maintaining good relationships with our tenants, and ensuring that any possible issues that arise are resolved in a timely and respectful manner.

The department's moto - "Happy Tenants = Happy Owners"

Leasing Department

Leasing Department


Our leasing department is responsible for advertising our properties and for making sure that the people responding to our ads, are the kind of tenants that will ensure a mutually profitable experience for all involved. We will not enter into a relationship with anyone before our team is reasonably confident that the prospective partnership will prove productive for all.

Maintenance Department

Maintenance Department


Our maintenance department is responsible for dealing with any immediate needs our tenants or investors may have and to keep our properties up to city code. The challenge when it comes to maintenance is to find most professional repairmen in every field, yet to negotiate a payment scale that ensures the best deal for our clients. We have succeeded in doing this.   

 Our team is available 24/7 to deal with any emergencies which may arise.

Rist Department

Risk Department


We've created something completely unique when it comes to the risk factor.


When crises hits, it demands lots of attention - way more attention then with normal everyday situation. While in most management companies everything goes through the same pipeline, we've created a separate department that oversees crises intervention, be it a vacant home, a tenant that stopped paying rent, an insurance claim, or anything really that is out of the ordinary. Our risk department team will make sure that every issue will be dealt with and solved in the most efficient way.   


Risk should be handled by professionals who are free to focus on your needs to the exclusion of everything else. And we recognize that.   

All of our departments work together to create one comprehensive solution to our clients every need. From the initial lease review to the final property inspection when tenants move, Rochester Home Management can be relied on to ensure that your investment management needs are properly taken care of in every situation.

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