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Our Special Services


We offer personal & dedicated Property Management Services in Rochester NY.
The usual "Hard to reach manager" stigma, doesn't apply to us.
At Rochester Home Management, we are always ready to meet your needs and requests.
We enjoy what we do, and you'll feel it right at the very first moment we meet.

We manage singles, doubles & larger multi family buildings. RHM serves both Investors & Home owners.

Real Estate Investors


Do you own Investment property in Rochester? well, you've come to the right place.

Our team at Rochester Home Management is dedicated, knowledgeable
and professional. You will always find us completely attuned to your needs.

We ourselves own investment properties in the area; that's why we know
first hand how important your property is to you - and that's why we manage
your properties as they were our own.
Our GOAL is to simplify the complex issues associated with managing your
property, while giving you peace of mind throughout. 


Home Owners

As a property owner, you deserve the best management service for your property. We believe in living up to your expectations. Here are just a few of the advantages we provide.

  • Tenant screening, including criminal check & eviction search

  • Extensive marketing, including free advertising.

  • Reduced maintenance rates, with full supervision & Inspections.

  • High quality, insured contractors

  • Computerized accounting + full access to online portal.

  • Monthly / quarterly / annual Statements.

  • Insurance claim assistance.

  • 24hr emergency Line



We Focus on our tenants.

A little secret - when they're happy, so are you. 

A big challange property owners face, is finding the right balance between
not spending too much on the property (It's supposed to bring a return after all) yet at the same time, keeping the property well maintained so that the tenants enjoy a proper living experience.

At Rochester Home Management we proudly acomplish both.
We'll do anything we can to lower costs, but at the same time we will
always do the right thing for the property.

Or goal is to find the perfect balance which will serve your interests.


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